Is Jets’ Brandon Marshall next to show up the Eagles’ secondary?

Is Jets’ Brandon Marshall next to show up the Eagles’ secondary?
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Remember no Dez no problem? Well, Terrance Williams gave $63 million manByron Maxwell some problems in Sunday’s loss to Dallas in the absence of Dez Bryant.

This one week after Julio Jones lit the entire secondary to the tune of nine catches for 141 yards and two touchdowns.

Next on the docket? The Jets and Brandon Marshall, fresh off his 101 yards against the Colts on Monday night.

“He’s a big physical receiver, he has the speed to streak the field, he catches the ball well, and catches it well across the middle,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said.”He will take those slants and turn the five-yard catch into 15 yards, and more than that if you miss a tackle. He’s just really consistent.”

Consistent is a word that would not describe the Eagles’ secondary of late — something the Jets and Marshall will surely try and exploit.

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“You have to defend him the whole game,” Jenkins said. “If you are not on him, if you’re not in his face, if you don’t disrupt his timing all day long he can change the game.”

Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis is worried — perhaps as he should be.

“They do a great job of moving him around a little bit,” Davis said. “He’s a big run‑after‑catch guy, more than you think. He’s such a big, strong guy. He muscles up and makes the catch, and then he’s a tough tackle. He is absolutely the primary weapon in this offense in the passing game. They do a lot of empty sets and you’ve got to find him, and then kind of mix in the zone, the man and then the pressures.”

But all of this can be avoided if the offense can finally get it’s groove on. Keeping the Eagles defense off the field, where they have played well but have been hung out to dry, will be the best way to take Marshall out of the game.

And that starts with the mental game.

“It’s all internal,” Jordan Matthews, one of the only contributors to post respectable offensive numbers in the season’s first two weeks, said.”If we go out there and do what were supposed to do I honestly believe we are always going to come out on the winning side. The teams we have played so far are great teams, we have another great team coming Sunday. We have to make sure we do the things on our side of the ball to help us win games.”