It’s all about the experience at Steak 48


Philadelphia has always had such an incredible food scene, and now with indoor dining now at 25% capacity in the City of Brotherly Love, eager diners and foodies alike can once again experience the culinary culture safely. But how about a brand new spot that the city has never seen before? Steak 48 opened earlier this month, and comes from James Beard Award-Nominated restaurateurs and brothers Jeffrey and Michael Mastro. The eatery not only offers menu items that will burst with flavor, but an experience that will truly cater to every elegant need you have—or never knew you had.  


“[We pride ourselves on] the total experience. When a guest chooses us for dinner, that is a huge compliment that we do not take for granted,” says Oliver Badgio, Chief Branding Officer of Steak 48. “Our promise is to project and deliver a remarkable feeling to all of our guests – to make them feel special and welcome from the moment they are seated and their evening begins, to the time they head home. Whether it’s their hundredth reservation with us or their first dine, we treat all guests with kindness and consideration, creating a total experience of excellent food, atmosphere and luxury personal service that our people and Steak 48 are known for.” 

That sentiment of welcoming guests in for a dining experience certainly hits a relevant note now more than ever. With so many uncertainties in the future and so much stress from the past few months surrounding leaving home, having an environment that feels as welcoming as it does when walking into Steak 48 is a necessity now needed in the time of a pandemic when going out to dine.

“Now more than ever, it is paramount that we try our best to create an experience for our guests and our staff that is as close to perfect as possible,” adds Badgio. “We’ve taken our existing protocols on safety and sanitation and enhanced them even further to ensure everyone who enters the restaurant feels comfortable and safe.” 


Opening this new dining experience was a process for the restaurant with COVID-19 in full force. 

“When opening a fine dining steakhouse, there is always a lot of moving parts and meticulous attention to detail is a requirement. Once the building is constructed, the space is finalized and the environment is set, our staff and guests are what really bring Steak 48 to life,” says Badgio. “While we were waiting for the city to allow us to open our doors for indoor dining, we extended our training of all staff to ensure everyone was well-versed on new safety protocols and ready to warmly and safely welcome guests into our dining rooms. Steak 48 is a place where we are proud to serve and where our guests are proud to dine – making sure that everyone is safe and comfortable is top of mind in making that feeling a reality.” 

On top of having guests feel at home, Steak 48 has a menu chock full of dishes and drinks that bring an unexpected, yet very welcomed new take on what a modern American steakhouse looks like. Choices range from prime steaks, ultra-premium wagyu beef, locally-sourced seafood and an extensive, and a diverse wine and cocktail list, but the minutia of the wow-factor is certainly in the details. You enjoy deviled eggs as an appetizer? How about crispy shrimp deviled eggs to up your app game? Ordering a steak or seafood entree? Up the ante even more by adding on sauteéd blue cheese, chef styled burrata, truffle butter, a crab cake “oscar”, fresh topped tomato herb gremoleta and more. Adding some spirits to your meal as well? Why not throw in some blue cheese olives to your dirty martini and your tastebuds will be set. 


“After years of learning from our guests, Mike and Jeff Mastro chose to build this restaurant on the core foundation of kindness, consideration and true hospitality,” explains Badgio. “More than ever, we recognize that diners are looking for a redefined dining experience – the perfect marriage of great food and drink with luxury personal service – and that is Steak 48.” 

The luxurious part comes in as soon as you step in the door, from aesthetic points throughout the massive space (each room and area truly has it’s own chic vibe) to the vivaciously delicious menu selection, to the safety protocols thoroughly being followed—Steak 48 offers a luxurious treats for foodies. 

“We are committed to taking care of our guests from start to finish, to make sure everyone enjoys the best quality food with the best service that is always genuine and sincere,” adds Badgio. 


Steak 48 is located at 260 S Broad St., for more information and to reserve a table, visit