It’s always sunny in Philadelphia with CRUISR

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia with CRUISR
Melissa Anne Tilley

When CRUISR’s self-titled EP debuted in 2012, ears perked up in Philly and beyond. Sunny and nostalgic with a healthy splash of fun, it didn’t just sound summery—it sounded like summer. Or, perhaps more accurately, like the best summer you’ve ever had filtered through a double-rainbow.

“Before the band really became a thing, I was experimenting with all kinds of sounds, but what came naturally to me were these happy pop songs,” says frontman Andy States, who wrote and recorded the super-catchy album in his bedroom. “Maybe I’m just a happy guy. I do really like summer—cool story, right?”

“Although really, Andy could write a song about this crappy spring we’re having and it would sound happy,” chimes in drummer Jonathan Van Dine.

Whatever the case, States has plenty of reasons to be happy these days. CRUISR’s sophomore EP, “All Over,” was released on Vagrant last September, and the band—which also includes guitarist Bruno Catrambone and Wesley Bunch of Suburban Living filling in on bass— is spending the first couple weeks of summer on tour. We caught up with States and Van Dine in May right before they hit the road.

You’re leaving in a couple days. Are ready to go?

Van Dine: Umm…
States: Jon’s picking up some bins—

You’re not even packed?!

States: No! We’re working on it!

Not many people in their 30s get to take a summer roadtrip. Did your friends want to come?

States: We’ve done tours where we invited a few more people along, but now we realize that space in the van is very, very precious.
Van Dine: The way we have it worked out now, everyone has their own seat or a bench. You’d be surprised how important that is.

This tour takes you coast to coast. Where are you most looking forward to playing?

Van Dine: I’m really excited to check out the Pacific Northwest—that drive down the coast is one of our favorites.
States: We have a really large draw in Salt Lake City, oddly enough—for some reason, they love us out there.

The tour ends in Philly. Anything you’re looking forward to doing this summer?

States: You know what I really want to do? Go blueberry picking.I like getting out of the city in the summer.
Van Dine: I just decided I’m going to New Zealand for a week, so that should be cool.
States: I should probably change my answer, but…yeah, I really want to go blueberry picking.


CRUISR’s new single, “Take That,” is available now for download on iTunes. “It’s about being empowered by someone close to you,” says States.


June 11, 6 p.m., Deschutes Street Pub
June 12, 8 p.m., District N9ne