It’s no miracle: Philly Jesus stays warm in bitter winter weather

When the temperatures drop, Philly Jesus gives thanks for the blessings of long underwear and hot chocolate.

“It’s so cold. Even with gloves, my fingers were frozen,” said “Philly Jesus,” as Center City’s Mike Grant is known.

Philly Jesus is seen daily around the Christmas Village in Center City, donning the familiar garb of the Messiah.

“I’m there to put the Christ back in Christmas,” he said. “They’ve got St. Nicholas. So I had to remind people of the true reason for the season, and just be a walking reminder of the spirit of Christmas.”

But how does he stay warm while doing his work with just a staff and robe?

Apparently, it’s all about the layers.

Philly Jesus wears long johns, pants, a shirt and an undershirt, two pairs of socks, boots, three robes and gloves. He is also keeping his beard bushier than ever. And when he has time to take a break, he warms up with hot chocolate at Starbucks.