Jon and Tracey Stewart adopt Lily, the ‘Paintball Pony’

Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is stepping up to help adopt a pony that was shot with a paintball gun over 125 times and abandoned at a sale stable earlier this year, LancasterOnline reports.

Stewart and his wife Tracey run a sanctuary for animals in New Jersey that will be the home for the “paintball pony,” now named Lilly by SPCA workers. Lily is reportedly being rehabilitated at the Omega Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Airville.

“I don’t think we could ask for better,” the center’s director, Kelly Smith told LancasterOnline. “She’ll be living the life of Reilly. She’ll be well cared for, and she’ll never want for anything again.”

Philip Price Jr., 65, of East Providence, Rhode Island, was convicted Friday on three counts of animal cruelty charges, one count of dealing and handling animals without a license, and one count of importing animals without an interstate health certificate.
He must pay $3,056 in fines and $10,178 in restitution for the horse’s recovery.

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