Judge: Fattah lawyers must work without pay

Judge: Fattah lawyers must work without pay
Charles Mostoller

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that attorneys for indicted Congressman Chaka Fattah cannot drop the case even though they requested to do so because they have not been paid.

U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III ruled Wednesday that defense attorneys Kevin Mincey and Thomas Fitzpatrick of Mincey & Fitzpatrick, as well as their co-counsels, cannot end their representation of Fattah, the Inquirer reported.

The lawyers made the request at a hearing Tuesday, stating that Fattah paid them $100,000 up-front, and had not paid them since, and had missed scheduled payments.

Bartle ruled that the law requires attorneys to finish out their cases, and noted that finding new counsel would significantly delay Fattah’s trial, scheduled to begin May 2

Fattah claimed in court he was late because he wasmore focused on funding hisupcoming reelection campaign than his defense, and said he will eventually pay his lawyers.