‘Inventing Anna’ tells the story of the infamous scammer who tricked NYC’s elite

Julia Garner stars as Anna Delvery in ‘Inventing Anna.’
Nicole Rivelli / Netflix

By María Estévez, MWN

It seems that series that bear the stamp of Shonda Rhimes are destined to become a success. And now it is the turn of “Inventing Anna.” The new Shondaland project arrives on Netflix with a story based on a real scandal that affected the bulging pockets of New York’s elite, and that promises mysteries and many surprises.

The series stars Emmy winner Julia Garner, whom we remember as Ruth from “Ozark.” She plays the main role of Russian-born German convicted fraudster Anna Delvey.

Metro chatted with the 28-year-old actress to learn more.


What does this show mean to you?

It is overwhelming and nerve-wracking. I have the same feeling in a way with every show I do. Just because now it is real, it is very exciting.

Did you know the story of Anna before getting into the character?

Yes. I read that article and I reacted the same way that the whole world did. I just thought that it was a fascinating article and I’m not surprised that they are doing a show about it but I was very surprised that I got cast. To be honest, I wasn’t anticipated that I was ever going to play Anna Delvey just because I look so different from her.

I read that you met her and liked her. Do you understand how people got charmed with her energy?

She was very likable, and there are likable things that are not “ok.” It’s not so black and white. Anna Delvey is a very complex character and was very close to getting a fortress, getting these people to believe in her. Some fell for it, but if they knew what she was doing they wouldn’t. She is very charming and that is why she got what she wanted. But also, because she is charming, she can be very dark. That is what I want people to see. You can play the most evil person and it is not going to be black and white, because that doesn’t make them human.

How did you get into her mind?

The first thing that an actor needs to learn is not to judge the characters. It doesn’t matter if it is Delvey or Ruth. People forget that Ruth killed her uncle. It is not like I’m playing the most morally perfect characters.

I don’t read my characters as people in a script. I don’t approach them like that, I really want to know them. Every person has something interesting and I like to look for those qualities in everything I play. The favorite part of my job is really getting to know people.

How was it to work with Shonda Rhimes and live in her universe?

Shonda is iconic, she has done iconic TV shows. She is an amazing writer and it is easy to say lines when they are so much fun to say out loud. It was a joy to act out her script. 

Did you get involved in the aesthetics of your character?

The aesthetics were very important. Even with Ruth in “Ozark,” the type of boots or the tight jeans were important. It is necessary to create a world with the type of wardrobe that they are wearing. That helps even with the way you walk. 

Pictured are (from left) Julia Garner as Anna Delvery, Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke, and Katie Lowes as Rachel in ‘Inventing Anna.’ Nicole Rivelli / Netflix

Did the pandemic affect the shooting?

Yes, very much. We started at the end of 2019 and then Covid happened and we took a 6 month break. We didn’t know if it was safer to shoot either in Georgia or New York and I didn’t know if I was going to get back to Atlanta to shoot “Ozark” or going to New York for Delvey. Then I ended up finishing Delvey and I went straight to “Ozark.” There was a moment when I was doing both. It was an interesting moment in my life but we got it done.

How do you feel about saying goodbye to “Ozark”?

It is bittersweet. The bitter part is saying goodbye to the team as we are a big family. I understand it is time to say goodbye but selfishly I could keep going with the show.

“Inventing Anna” premieres on Netflix Feb. 11. 

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