Julian Frampton talks Roy Orbison hologram tour

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison made a huge impact on music in his time, specifically rock and roll. He was known for his powerful voice, passionate performances and emotional lyrics that resonated with audiences around the world. Orbison who was nicknamed the Caruso of Rock still has a large fan base in the US even 30 years after his death. In Dreams, the Roy Orbison hologram tour is the perfect homage to the rock legend and gives audiences the chance to experience his talent again first hand. Julian Frampton, son of Peter Frampton and frontman for the Julian Frampton Band is opening for Orbison (who will be accompanied by the Philly Pops BIG Band) and will be playing a set that speaks to audiences of all ages. Frampton talks about why this tour is special and what audiences can expect from the In Dreams tour. 

Julian Frampton talks In Dreams, the Roy Orbison hologram tour, ahead of Philly show

What were your initial thoughts when you first found out this tour was going to be headlined by Roy Orbison as a hologram?

I was insanely intrigued at the prospect of opening for a hologram, but I was also hesitant knowing that its the very first hologram tour ever. When I got the call, I said yes immediately, but then I said let me call you back in five minutes because I just wanted to think about it a little bit, but any opportunity for me right now is a good opportunity and just to get in front of people and play is amazing. Now that we are halfway done with the tour I am so grateful that I said yes, it’s been such an amazing opportunity and the technology is out of this world, so I’m so glad to be apart of the reuniting of rock history

Do you think hologram tours are going to be the next big thing?

I think that there is definitely a market for it, there’s no doubt in my mind, who wouldn’t want to go see Jimi Hendrix or John Lennon or Bob Marley you know? I think when it’ll get to the point where they are expanding a little bit more on who they are making holograms of, as long as they are getting the OK from the families like in Roy Orbison’s case. It makes me feel better knowing the legacy is being carried on through the family, but I don’t want it to turn into just a money machine where it loses kind of its realness.

Roy Orbison

Do you think your progressive music mixes well with the classic sounds of Roy Orbison?

I definitely like to cater to everyone, when I play a solo acoustic show I do play songs from my band, The Julian Frampton Band which is based in Los Angeles, we are a little progressive and a little alternative, I like to say we don’t have a genre because every track we put out can be categorized as something different. But as I’m up there doing the acoustic thing, I think me on my own with an acoustic guitar is much more relatable for this audience than maybe my band would be coming out to do this, it would be a bit more balls to the wall rock and roll, but yeah the response has been really nice. It’s the oldest crowd I’ve played for, even when I was performing with my father for a few years that was an older crowd, but this is kind of the next step up I think as far as an age range, but it’s been really wonderful. I’ll come out to the merch table after most shows and the reception I’ve been getting from the older crowd, as well as the rest of the young and middle-aged people, has been absolutely wonderful so I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of catering to everybody with my set for sure. 

What songs are you playing in your set for this particular show? 

I always like to get my music out there first and foremost and then I throw in about two covers, I do a cover of “Landslide” which I feel is a universally loved song and then I do a cover of a Bill Withers song from the 70’s, the rest of the tracks I do are originals of mine that are either band songs that I’ve made into acoustic versions or kind of singer-songwriter songs that I’ve had for a few years and sort of honed in on to make them a little more appropriate for this tour. 

What should the Philly audience expect from the show overall?  

Pure entertainment and magic beyond belief, that’s the honest way I would describe it. 

In Dreams, the Roy Orbison hologram tour will take place on Nov.9, 8 p.m., at Parx Casino (2999 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA). For tickets and more information visit parxcasino.com

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