Kane’s law license suspended, says more emails are coming

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is not going anywhere, she vowed after the state Supreme Court ordered a suspension of her license to practice law.

The temporary suspension was ordered after Kane was charged with leaking information from a confidential grand jury investigation to the press allegedly to embarrass a political rival.

Kane has admitted leaking info but denied committing a crime and is fighting the charges.

“This order should not be construed as removing [Kane] from elected office,” the court wrote in its order.

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Kane, the first woman and first Democrat elected attorney general in the has claimed that her discovery of pornographic and racist emails being swapped by prosecutors at the office led them to plot her downfall.

“While I am disappointed in the court’s action I am grateful that the court recognized my constitutional rights both as a democratically elected official and as a citizen of the Commonwealth,” Kane’s statement said.

“The court, in specifically recognizing my continuing authority as Attorney General of the Commonwealth, today allows me to continue the good works of this office: work which has transformed our war on sex crimes and fraud; work which will also root out the culture of misogyny and racially/religiously offensive behavior that has permeated law enforcement and members of the judiciary in this Commonwealth for years.”

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Several of those emails were released by court order, and even more are being sought by members of the media via right-to-know requests.

Kane said in her statement that she is currently ordering a review of all emails on her office’s servers and that she will seek to release any other controversial emails.

“In the wake of the Commonwealth Court hearing, I’ve instructed my office to engage in a comprehensive review of all emails sitting on OAG servers to fully comply with the RTKLs [right-to-know law requests],” Kane said. “Our preliminary review has generated emails of government officials, including law enforcement officials and judges, heretofore unknown to us. These emails will be fully released either as public documents defined by the Commonwealth Court, or at my discretion.

Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo disagreed with describing that statement as a threat, and said it was due to public outcry over the emails.

“It is a reassurance to all those people who have been requesting the emails,” Ardo said.