Kathryn Knott gets split verdict in gay bashing trial

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Charles Mostoller

Kathryn Knott received a split verdict in her trial concerning the violent September attack on a gay couple in Center City.

A jury deliberated for three days and came back Friday with a decision that found Knott guilty of simple assault, reckless endangerment and conspiracy with regards to the more gravely injured victim, but not guilty of aggravated assault or the three charges relating to the other victim, NBC reported.

The 25-year-old Knott, a police chief’s daughter, took the stand in her own defense during the trial, Fox stated in a related article. Knott testified for an hour and denied shouting slurs or assaulting either victim.

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On the stand, Knott also explained tweets she had posted about being banned from a bar, kicking down a door during a police raid and claiming to have had her father ticket a motorist who had allegedly run her off the road, according to Fox.

Two men who were with her on the night of the group attack pleaded guilty and are currently on probation, NBC reported, also stating that Knott will probably not receive jail time.

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After the attack, Philadelphia amended its hate crime laws to include sexual orientation, Fox added.