There’s more than one reason to check out a Kimpton in Philadelphia

Kimpton Monaco guestroom.
Kimpton Hotels

When the Kimpton Hotel chain was started in 1981, its creator—Bill Kimpton—and its Chief Executive Officer Mike DeFrino set out to create a line of hotels that were a bit different and customized. Boutiques, to be exact. 

“We customize our hotels — from design to menus — to reflect the destinations we call home,” the official website states. And that’s true in the City of Brotherly Love as well. 

With two locations in Philadelphia (Kimpton Palomar in Center City, and Kimpton Monaco in Old City), both venues offer their own take on what makes Philly special. And there’s also a whimsical element involved with each that the hotel chain is known for. 

The Palomar specifically boasts art classic deco digs with a modern twist, and notes of the city are seen throughout the building. From eclectic art of the founding fathers, to colorful busts stationed throughout the lobby, the eco-friendly building plants you into one of the most bustling neighborhoods—but there’s a lot to do within the hotel itself as well. 

Something the Kimpton does well is offer a few extras that you wouldn’t see in most other hotels, and they might surprise you. From luxurious in-room spa treatments, a state-of-the-art gym with hula hoops, plus loaner bikes and scooters for kids, there’s a lot to check out. And there’s also a wine happy hour every day, something the Monaco over in Old City offers daily in their lobby from 5 to 6 p.m. as well. The Palomar in Center City however, also has Square 1682, and the local spot offers American cuisine with comfort-inspired twists right on the bottom floor.

The Monaco, on the other hand, uses city-wide influences to mix into their story-book-inspired space (something that’s also common among Kimptons.) And ‘Alice in Wonderland’ specifically is the catalyst of decor here. 

Kimpton Hotels

With bold colors mixed together, plus fantastical elements sprinkled throughout the building, you do feel like you step into a boutique experience rather than a hotel chain as soon as you walk in the door. The lobby itself is a perfect example of that, with royal blue velvet chairs, yellow candy-cane striped walls and even mismatched hanging broomsticks behind the front desk. In other words, it’s apparent right as you walk in that you’re staying somewhere different. 

And the rooms add to that effect as well. With an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book nestled somewhere in the space, themed fixtures and more found throughout, it takes what you see in the lobby and makes it all a little more personalized. There’s also extra amenities such as a yoga mat in each room, stand-alone tubs with a view in specific suites, and 24 room service. 

But of course, the rooms are just part of the stay. 

The Monaco Hotel also features two dining destinations: Red Owl Tavern and Stratus Rooftop Lounge. Being at the epicenter of historic Philadelphia, Red Owl Tavern aims to revive that classic tavern experience that was around during the birth of our nation with an upscale modern touch. And Stratus simply elevates (quite literally) that ideology.

At ROT, details are important, down to the last sip of a Clover Club cocktail. Each meal and drink has been crafted to look just as good as it tastes—it’s comfort food from Philly made with an international twist, and cocktails made with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. 

Stratus Rooftop Lounge, on the other hand, takes your experience to all-new heights. The location gives a sense of exclusivity; famed Los Angeles designer Gulla Jonsdottir originally designed Stratus to feel inspiring yet comfortable, with lush textures, swaying greenery, and moveable walls for year-round indulging. And although the pandemic allowed for a facelift of sorts for Stratus—the lounge areas have been completely redone and some of the bar area has had maintenance—the sky-high ambiance remains the same. 


Philadelphians can make an experience at either Kimpton location for a staycation, but travelers and those looking for work spaces can also post up at both venues. 

Kimpton Palomar and Monaco both offer the Super Commuter, and just the Palomar offers the WorkChew Partnership.

In response to the vast move of offices welcoming back workers, Kimpton has introduced a special add-on offer that makes the travel of a “super commute” more comfortable with perks such as: A curated commuter Spotify playlist, “Forgot It? We’ve Got It!” super commuter amenities, a $25 F&B credit per day for a power breakfast or round of cocktails with co-workers to celebrate, and more. 

As a release states, available for stays Sunday-Thursday through the end of the year, Kimpton’s new Super Commuter Offer is available at a number of city center hotels that provide access for business, pleasure or a little bit of both.

And lastly, with the Work Chew, subscribers have unlimited access to workspaces in their database, and currently, the Kimpton Hotel Palomar is the only WorkChew partner in Philadelphia. For $95 per month, the WorkChew app gets you unlimited access to workspaces at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar. Workspaces include tables at Square 1682, the Library, and for additional charge, reservations in the meeting spaces or even a day rate for a guest room. 

Kimpton Hotels

As a release states, reservations are made through the WorkChew app, and you check in at the host stand at the restaurant for workspace reservations; if it’s a meeting space or guest room reservation however, go to the front desk. WorkChew guests also receive 10% off at Square 1682, and can also receive a WiFi card, pens, pads, water, and bottomless coffee. 

So whether it’s a whimsical and unique staycation, a night out with friends, a work day, or even a stop in the city, both Kimptons offer their own take on luxury in any capacity.

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