Kura Rotating Sushi Bar is as fun as it sounds

Kura Sushi Bar
Emily J. Davis for Kura Sushi

Kuri Sushi opened its doors more than 40 years ago in Japan, and now Philadelphians will be able to taste and experience the menu items and innovative systems that have been passed down and improved upon

Kura, which opened earlier this month in Center City, is known for only using natural, premium ingredients free of artificial sweeteners, seasonings, preservatives and colorings. And with a sushi conveyor belt serving up their offerings, those who dine at this new hotspot will be able to have their pick of any option they like, mainly because there are always new ones rotating by.

Kura Sushi
Tuna NigiriEmily J. Davis for Kura Sushi_

The stand-out of this brand comes from the way it is served, and there are two layered belt systems at the Philly location. One is constantly moving and is always adding in different dishes which span sushi, gunkan, desserts, edamame and more. Highlighted options include salmon toro, shrimp, yellowtail, the fan-favorite Philadelphia roll, rainbow roll and others.

The second is the express belt, which serves up a variety of the specialty items such as ramen, tempura, udon, specialty hand rolls (eel, spicy salmon, spicy scallop and others) plus a smattering of versatile authentic picks.

This belt goes by orders that you can place on a tablet. The kitchen staff then receives a notification when you select your option, they prep the dishes and send them zipping down the top layer express belt directly to your table.

In total, Kura has 140 menu items to choose from, so you could say there’s a little something for everyone. Plates can hold anywhere from two to four menu items, and just like the way the food is served, the way you dispense your empty plates also takes on a fun and innovative spin.

For certain kinds of plates, there’s a slot on each table where you can dump them, and if you dispose of 5, an animation plays on the screen. If you dump 15, you then get a prize. It’s a kitschy addition, and also, a welcomed one.

Kura Sushi
Emily J. Davis for Kura Sushi_

Everything at Kura feels new and fresh, and there’s a reason for it. Philadelphia is only the brand’s 43rd Kura Revolving Sushi Bar location in the United States, and what it thrives on is offering top-notch ingredients with added elements that play into the kind of nostalgic and innocent fun you didn’t know you wanted to have while dining out.

It’s also a clue to Japanese culture, where this kind of concept is quite the norm rather than a niche dining experience, as it is in the U.S. Luckily, it hasn’t been priced that way, with dishes off of the belt coming out to be priced under at $3.55, and hot menu items ranging in prices.

Drinks-wise, as of now, beer is the only alcohol served here, and there’s a more expanded bar program planned for the future. But, for now, there are plenty of soft drinks, and of course, a delightful way to receive them.

In a recent technology implementation, Kur-B the KuraBot delivers drink orders tableside, according to a release. Once the waitstaff receives a notification about a party’s drink order, they place the beverages on the robot and program it to deliver to the corresponding table.

Kura Sushi
Courtesy of Kura Sushi

With over 100 options, with a playful atmosphere and with a new way to dine every time, Kura is a curiously comfortable option for a meal experience—and just a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture that we just don’t see that often in Philadelphia.

For more information on Kura Revolving Sushi Bar (1721 Chestnut St.), visit kurasushi.com

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