La Salle women’s soccer team on probation after hazing allegations

La Salle women’s soccer team on probation after hazing allegations

La Salle University placed its women’s soccer team is on disciplinary probation until the end of 2020 following a hazing investgation. 

There were two separate probes of the alleged hazing; the human resources department conducted one and the other was performed by the department of public safety.

A statement from the school read that the investigation revealed examples of “non-violent, power differential hazing.”

The statement also read, “While the investigation found no behavior necessitating university disciplinary action against specific individuals, we take very seriously all claims of hazing and other forms of inappropriate behavior.”

Although the school did not clarify on examples of the “non-violent, power differential hazing,” freshman Kayla Miller-People told that there was an “initiation game” where the team allegedly kicked soccer balls at players from every direction. 

Miller-People also said there were times when the upperclassmen would eat their meals first, and only leave scraps with no protein for the freshmen. Other alleged incidents took place after late-night bus rides back to campus, in which freshman had to stick around alone to clean the bus, carry equipment bags in the dark, and pick up everyone’s trash. 

The entire team will reportedly attend a workshop to help “foster respect” for their teammates and provide training on intervention. It was reported they will also have to participate in community service activities. 

The team will also have restrictions on competition for the spring season.

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