LeSean McCoy nightclub brawl with cops believed caught on video

Video has surfaced that may show the brawl between former Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy and off-duty Philly cops at a nightclub over the weekend.

The latest footage popped up on celeb news site TMZ — and shows McCoy’s face as he appears to be swinging punches.

Police are investigating the incident involving three of their own and four men identified as McCoy, former NFL player Curtis Brinkley Jr. and two others.

The fight at Recess nightclub in Old City happened around 2:45 a.m. Sunday and was reportedly sparked by a disagreement over a bottle of champagne. Two of the officers had to be hospitalized. One cop was “kicked, punched and stomped” during the fight, police said.

The police department had no information about whether or when any charges would be filed in the case.

“We would never have that information,” a police spokesman said.

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Brief video that purportedly showsthe fight was posted on Crossing Broad, a Philly sports blog, along with photographs of McCoy at other points during the weekend which seem to confirm he was in Philadelphia.

Crossing Broad found images of one man in the video wearing a necklace and earring that seem to matchwhat McCoy was wearing in other images depicting himaround that time.

McCoy, a Harrisburg native,was the Eagles’ best running back of all time until former coach Chip Kelly traded him away in a controversial decision before Kelly himself was fired after the Eagles turned in a pathetic performance this season.

McCoy has been spotted partying at the Recess nightclub before by local photographer HughE Dillon, who posted photos of McCoy at Recess on his blog back in 2011.

Check out the video from Crossing Broad below.