Levittown pharmacist guns down robber in Halloween mask: Police

One man is dead and another is in custody after a failed robbery ended with a Levittown pharmacy owner firing nearly a dozen shots at a would-be thief while his getaway driver waited in the parking, unaware of the mayhem.

Around 10 a.m. on Friday, a shotgun-toting man in a Halloween mask entered the Pennsbury Pharmacy on New Falls Road in Levittown, police told NBC10. A driver waited in a getaway van outside.

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“[The pharmacy owner] has a good camera system, so he actually saw the subject come into the store with the shotgun,” Falls Township Police Lt. Henry Ward told 6ABC. “He was prepared for the armed intruder.”

Zip ties were found by the masked dead man, indicating that he intended to tie up the pharmacy’s staff during the robbery, 6ABC added.His accomplice in a minivan backed up to the building waited outside, unaware of the shooting.

Police told NBC10 that the van had been reported stolen in New Jersey.

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There was not yet word on whether charges would be filed in relation to the incident, NBC10 stated, adding that, with the right paperwork, store clerks are allowed to be armed.

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