Lurie: Birds are ‘far from a dream team’

Just like Andy Reid, Jeffrey Lurie isn’t buying into the Eagles’ “dream team” moniker just yet.

In his annual state of training camp address to the media, the Eagles owner erred toward caution on all of the hype surrounding his team regarding its recent high-profile free agent and trade acquisitions.

“The only dream team I know about is the Green Bay Packers,” Lurie said in reference to last season’s Super Bowl champions. “We dream to become as good as the Packers and hold that trophy. They’re the dream team.”

Lurie was responding to backup quarterback Vince Young’s “dream team” comment, as well as defensive end Jason Babin’s “I?feel like we’re the Miami Heat … except we win the last game” message posted on Twitter. Both players recently signed free agent deals with the Eagles.

“Yeah, those were players that don’t know us that well. We’re about as far from being a dream team as you can be. We’re playing catch up.”

Still, Lurie does expect his team to be in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy.

“I think we’ll compete,”?he said. “There’s no question we had a strong team last year, and we should have quite a better team this year.”