M. Night Shyamalan hosts Halloween party in Fishtown

Hughe Dillon

HughE Dillon is a Philadelphia-based photographer and creator of the PhillyChitChat blog. Follow him on Twitter @HughE_Dillon and on Instagram @PhillyChitChat.

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan and his wife, Dr. Bhavna Shyamalan, recently hosted their annual Halloween party aptly titled Shyamaween at Fabrika, a new modern cabaret in Fishtown. Guests in elaborate costumes walked the red carpet before heading into the cabaret hall to enjoy floor shows, dancing, cocktails and bites. All proceeds from the party benefitted the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation, which supports the grassroots efforts of emerging leaders as they work to eliminate the barriers created by poverty and social injustice in their communities.