Man arrested in fatal stabbing of 83-year-old next-door neighbor in North Philadelphia

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Isiah Rahatt
Philadelphia Police Department

A 47-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed his elderly next-door neighbor to death in North Philadelphia, police said Thursday.

Dolores Robinson, 83, was found at around 8:15 p.m. Wednesday on the front porch of her home on the 2900 block of N. 27th Street with a stab wound to her neck and other injuries, according to authorities. She died at the scene.

Isiah Rahatt has been charged with murder in connection with her killing, Staff Inspector Ernest Ransom, head of the PPD’s Homicide Unit, told reporters. Rahatt’s legal representation could not be identified through court records Thursday.

Ransom said Rahatt followed Robinson into her home and an altercation ensued. The struggle continued onto the porch, and Rahatt stabbed her and shot her with a BB gun, he added. The stab wound was fatal, according to investigators.

Detectives believe there was “an ongoing issue” between Rahatt and residents of the block, Ransom said, though he did not provide additional details. Neighbors had called 911 several times, and police had previously responded to his house, he added.