Man charged in shooting of boy in West Philly

Christopher Linder
Christopher Linder

A 27-year-old man has been charged in connection with the shooting of 7-year-old Zamar Jones, who, according to multiple media reports, died Monday afternoon.

Zamar was shot in the head just before 8 p.m. Saturday while playing on the porch of his house on the 200 block of N. Simpson Street in West Philadelphia.

Before his death, Christopher Linder, of West Philadelphia, was charged with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault, firearm violations and related crimes, in addition to charges relating to stealing a car, which police believe he did before fleeing the scene.

The District Attorney’s Office said the second attempted murder charge is because Linder tried to kill an adult near the house.

Detectives are still looking for two other men who were involved in the shootout, which began when Linder allegedly started firing at a group of people on the block from a truck.

Police said he continued driving and rear-ended a SUV, which he stole, later returning for his truck, which is when officers arrested him.

“I join Philadelphians across the city in expressing sadness and outrage that senseless gun violence has once again caused grievous injury to a child,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said in announcing the charges. “Every kid deserves to live free of violence, harm, or fear.”

“As long as our communities are flooded with firearms, and as long as the conditions exist that spur people to pick them up with little care for their futures, these tragedies will occur,” he continued.

A judge denied bail for Linder, who was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison in 2014 for a carjacking, according to court records. He also pleaded guilty at the same time to aggravated assault, illegal possession of a gun and DUI.

Anyone with information about the case or the two men who are still at-large are asked to call the Homicide Unit at 215-686-3334 or dial 911.