Man trying to catch flight allegedly makes Philly airport bomb threat

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A Norwegian man may be facing charges after making alleged bomb threats in an effort to ensure that he and a companion got on a departing flight.

The man, 30, was arrested Thursday afternoon at Philadelphia International Airport after reportedly making two telephone bomb threats from an airport pay phone, Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan said in a report, adding that the first call made a “general threat” about a bomb at a baggage claim while the second call, an hour later, demanded that all British Airways flights be grounded.

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Airport investigators used surveillance footage to determine that the man made the calls from inside the airport, reported. Sullivan said the man’s alleged motive was to ensure that he and his traveling companion would catch their British Airways flight.

After a search was conducted, police said to ABC that no device was found, and airport operations were not affected.

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The suspect was arrested without incident, stated. So far, it is unknown what charges the suspect is facing, ABC added.