Man whose death provoked cyber-attack ODed: lawyer

Man whose death provoked cyber-attack ODed: lawyer

A lawyer for two Vineland cops whose personal information was dumped online after a man died in their custody now says they did not cause the death of Phillip White.

White, 32, died March 31 while police were transporting him to a hospital. Cell phone video shows an officer let a K-9 bite White, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and fighting with officers, while he is lying prone on the street.

But an attorney for the officers involved, Stuart Alterman, told the Inquirer White “caused his own demise” and was high on PCP and cocaine.

The hackers’ group “Anonymous” released the officers’ home addresses Tuesday in response to the arrest and death of White.

Despite threats of cyber-attacks, Vineland Police say their servers were not breached, and the outed officers are not in danger, NBC reported.