Mayfair tire slasher sentenced to jail-time

Mayfair tire slasher sentenced to jail-time

The infamous Mayfair tire slasher was sentenced to three to six years in prison on Monday for violating his probation in his second arrest for damaging the tires of neighborhood vehicles.

David Toledo, 47, wept and pleaded for mercy before sentencing, the Daily News reported.

Toledo earned himself a stiffer sentence for violating his probation from a previous tire-slashing arrest.

He wassentenced to probation in May 2014after he was found guilty of slashing his neighbors’ tires, butwas arrested again just months later in November of that yearafter he allegedly propped a glue mouse trap with nails poking out under the tire of a SEPTA bus.

On November 19 around 5:30 a.m. a SEPTA driver spotted Toledo running from the 1600 block of Creston Street, just a few blocks from the Frankford Transportation Center. The driver alerted another SEPTA employee who discovered the device.

According to aFox 29report, numerous SEPTA drivers in the same area had found glue traps with nails or punctured their tires on such traps prior to the arrest.

Toledo wasfirst busted in April 2012and charged with nearly 50 tireslashings over the previous six months throughout Mayfair, including of his neighbors’ cars.

Prior to his arrest, Toledohad volunteered with the Mayfair Town Watch as a look-out for the tire slasher, offered assistance to police,threatened to “smash” the hands of the slasher in an interview for NBC,and even slashed his own tires.