Mayor Kenney reads your mean tweets

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney
Getty Images

Move aside Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mayor Jim Kenney is ready to share his mean tweets. Although he may not be as famous as a Kardashian, Kenney is still widely known throughout Philly. To celebrate Kenney’s second term as mayor of the City of Brotherly Love, he posted a video of him on Twitter reading mean tweets. 

The tweet said, “Here’s to four more years of reading your (mean) tweets. #PHL2020”

Although Kenney’s comebacks might not be quite as witty as other celebrities, he still managed to get a few laughs out of us. 

Some of his standout one-liners were his responses to messages such as: “Hi. Who are you? Why are you on Twitter for me to see?” with Kenney firing back, “I’m the 99th mayor of the city of Philadelphia. I just started my second term. Google me. Learn something. That’s what the internet is really for. Not for this s—t.” 

Another mean tweet read, “He’s concerned about intersections and what bathrooms genders should be allowed to go in.” 

Kenney’s witty response was based on the poor phrasing of the tweet, of which he stated, “Well, that’s very… ” Kenney paused for a second and continued, “ …that’s not Shakespeare.”

Another response to someone shading him was, “Thanks for that hot take.” 

The video was met with a lot of mixed feedback from Twitter users. 

User @TonyBrunoShow tweeted a response saying, “Bad reading skills, bad editing, and smug, unfunny, tired tv comedy bit is a bad look as bodies and shell casings pile up around you Jimmy. Kudos to your equally tone deaf minions!” 

John Fetterman, the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, responded to the tweet with, “All hail mean tweets.”