Mayor Nutter says gun violence is ‘terrorism’


Mayor Nutter said gun violence in America was the same thing as “international terrorism” and called for government officials to take stronger action against it during Monday’s conference of Mayors in Washington, the Associated Press reported.

“There is really no level of distinction between the violence that goes on, on the streets of America on a daily basis and the episodic acts of international terrorism that also take place — primarily in cities,” Nutter told U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch who was in attendance, according to the AP.

“Citizens around the world feel unsafe because of international terrorists … those same feelings exist for many in (American) communities,” Nutter added. “These criminals are terrorizing our citizens and that same level of fear of violence, the death of citizens, the destruction of property, are the same. In many cities across the United States of America on a weekend, you very well could have six, eight, 10 people shot.”

The city of Philadelphia has, according to Fox News, had more than 240 homicides in 2015.

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