MOI is offering different ways to explore magic this season

Museum of Illusions

There’s plenty of holiday magic coming up, and the Museum of Illusions is celebrating in a few different ways.

For one, Veteran’s Day weekend will hold the opportunity for veterans and active military personnel to get free walk-in admission on Friday, Nov. 10, Saturday, Nov. 11, and Sunday, Nov. 12, upon presenting their valid military ID at the door.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a unique way to spend Thanksgiving, Museum of Illusions Philly will also be open with limited hours from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on that date. The MOI notes that its “Head On A Platter” exhibit offers an “extra touch of magic to your holiday celebration.”

Then, there’s the option to give the gift of the Museum to your loved ones with opportunities for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Museum Store Sunday, and Cyber Monday.

There’s also the option to nab a one-of-a-kind experience this holiday season with Museum of Illusions Philadelphia gift cards – which they call “the ultimate experiential gift.” These gift cards can be used for purchasing tickets or exploring the museum’s Smart Shop where guests can take the MOI experience home with them with an array of puzzles, games, accessories, and exclusive MOI merchandise.

It all gives Philadelphians the option to explore everything the MOI is known for since opening in March 2022. The 5000 square-foot facility is set permanently on 4th and Market (401 Market St. to be exact) boasts 60+ visual and educational exhibits featuring holograms, stereograms, optical illusions, immersive rooms and special Philly installations unique to this location.

Museum of Illusions

One highlight is The Beuchet Chair Illusion, and if you peruse through Instagram, this is the snapshot you’ll most likely see associated with the brand. What this specific moment explores is the laws of depth perception and size as you take turns posing with this super-popular optical illusion.

The Vortex Tunnel is another fan-favorite that will be calling the Museum of Illusions Philadelphia home. Similar to some of the nostalgic carnival mind tricks, this tunnel is meant to confuse your brain and vestibular system as you walk on completely flat ground but feel like you’re doing the exact opposite—and yes, it’s meant to be that trippy.

There is also an upside-down Philly diner-themed room with more photo ops, and Benjamin Franklin himself is on display towards the entrance of the museum. Franklin serves as an illusion, but perhaps what is most enthralling about having The Newton of Electricity on display happens at night—Franklin’s eyes glow and with optical tricks, his eyes follow as you pass by.

Other photo ops include the Anti-Gravity Room, Ames Room (which boasts a similar trick to the Beuchet Chair), Clone Table and the Infinity Well, among others. Plus, there is a room with large table games and mind-teasers, as well as some available in the Museum’s Smart Shop. The Museums of Illusions Philadelphia also prides itself on being great for all ages, and with the unique pull of teasing one’s senses, it does create a space for anyone—from kids to grandparents—to enjoy it in their own way.

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