More Council Redistricting Hearings – Yipee!!

City Council will hold two additional public hearings for residents to comment on redistricting, Council President Anna Verna’s office announced today.

The hearings, which have not been scheduled, will be in addition to an Aug. 16 hearing in Council chambers. According to Verna’s office, the added hearings are in response to a request from the Philadelphia NAACP branch. The NAACP has long been involved in redistricting discussions nationwide.

By law, Council must re-draw Councilmanic boundaries every ten years, meaning many residents could end up with new representation. Council is expected to take action next month.

In addition to the three public hearings, the public can also comment once a bill is introduced, which is expected to be Sept. 8. At that time, Council will schedule a public hearing on the bill where residents can also comment. Bottom line? There will be plenty of time to get your two cents in on redistricting.

Anyone interested in testifying can call 215-686-3407 or submit written testimony to [email protected].