Moviac: Brian Austin Green talks new app for TV and movie fans

Moviac app
Pictured are (from left) Randy Spelling, Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess.

Everyone has a favorite movie or TV show that’s stuck with them ever since watching it. And typically, you want to talk about it. 

That’s where Moviac comes in—dubbed “The Box Office of Social Media”, this new app builds a virtual space where you can showcase your favorite movies and TV shows through a social media platform. On top of that, there’s an AI-powered “Wizard” that gives you new recommendations, a tab to see what’s trending on streaming services, and a way to have open discussions with other users while rating new movies and shows seen recently. 

The app was conceived by Ventnor native, Matthew Lacovara, but ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actor Brian Austin Green came on the scene shortly after being approached by him. 

“I loved it,” Green says of the app. “It’s an amazing idea and I think there’s so much room for growth in it, but it’s fun. I love the fact that it connects people with things that they have in common—movies, TV, everyone is into entertainment. So, if you can start sharing your own personal feelings and likes and dislikes within movies and television and connecting with people based on commonalities…That’s just amazing.” 


A Moviac user is able to show off their tastes in a few different ways: You can build a profile and add your top four picks based on your favorite genres. You can also rate and comment on films and shows you’ve seen, that portion goes to the main feed. This gets the conversation going, and there’s also a way to click on whatever show or movie it is and see every reviewer who rated and commented about it on the app. 

“My favorite thing about Moviac is the ability to truly connect with like-minded people about entertainment preferences. It’s a lighthearted yet very telling way of expressing who you are and what you like,” Green continues. “The idea that we can have a wishlist of things that we love and then a list of things that like-minded friends enjoy…It’s exciting and it’s easy access for people to see. You don’t have to try and remember all of the TV shows and movies that you enjoy.”

The other portion of the app that aims to help narrow the gap between scrolling, trailer-watching and viewing comes with the “Wizard” (and yes, there is an actual wizard that appears on the application.) Users can pick a genre and get recommendations based on their activity, meaning the more you rate your favorite shows and films, the more personalized the recommendations will get.

“I think it will allow a lot of people that get overwhelmed with the large selection that is out there to just enjoy watching and enjoy the entertainment of it and not have to deal with the search,” says Green. “With this, you’re going to find out within two minutes what to watch, and chances are, you’re going to enjoy it.”

Currently, Moviac is available to download for iPhones in the App Store (Android users, we’re told your time will come.) And as Green says, it’s free to download and free to create, with the actor and users already raking up their stars and recommendations on Moviac. 

“The first film [I rated] was ‘Jaws.’ I’m a huge fan and I couldn’t wait to share that with people that didn’t know that about me,” Green says. “Jaws just has always ticked all the boxes for me. It was incredibly fun to watch and incredibly suspenseful. The performances were amazing and I’ve always held that film in really high regard.”

“As far as television, I think ‘An Idiot Abroad’ is one of the first TV shows I rated. It just very much encapsulates the sense of humor that I have. It’s dry, it’s really witty, it’s intelligent and it takes the ability to pay attention to find the humor in it,” Green continues. 


If Green talking about his favorites enticed you, you’ll likely find fortune in the app, as it’s built on comments and opinions just like that. But the application is also an asset for those who just want to find suggestions. The search and “Box Office” sections of Moviac hold gold for people trying to find out what to watch next. It also makes it easy to watch trailers and to see what is trending on top streaming services. 

“I think sky’s the limit on an app like Moviac. I believe that we can continue to add genres. advertise, and really inform people and help them bring this world of entertainment that has become so large down to a much smaller scope, [It will] allow people to not have to feel so lost,” finishes Green. “That will continue to grow into many types of entertainment for people. I think we’ve only just begun to find the possibilities with this app.”

Moviac ( is available to download through the App Store now.