My Local Brew Works brings charitable brews to Avenue of the Arts


Since the announcement of its launch, My Local Brew Works has been giving back the most they can, the best way they know how—through beer.

Tim Montague and Wayne Humphrey—two award-winning local home brewers—went professional with the announcement of their new nano-brewery, My Local Brew Works, specializing in contract, special events, and direct-to-public brewing, opening in Frankford’s Globe Dye Works building very soon. To celebrate the launch of their new venture, both Montague and Humphrey found a way to give back to those affected by COVID-19 through a special giveaway earlier this year, and that charitable incentive has not slowed down.

Humphrey and Montague, who also happen to be 2020’s Home Sweet Homebrau Competition People’s Choice winners, created their libation brainchild with the hopes of taking a multifaceted approach to nano-brewing. That means that the local brewery focuses on three areas of business specifically: Contract brewing with authenticity, the ability to develop specialty beers for social and fundraising events, and direct-to-public brewing. The release states that what makes My Local Brew Works so unique is its ability to craft multiple beers of varying styles, flavor profiles and strength, from a single original mash.

Lexy Pierce

The release also states that the nano-brewery is continuing its successful series of beer giveaways with My Local Brew Works Great Theater Beer Giveaway in conjunction with Theater Philadelphia. In celebration of the return to in-person shows, MLBW will be giving away free four-packs to the local theater community on Wednesday, Aug. 11, from 1-5 p.m. at The Wilma Theater, at 265 S. Broad St., along the Avenue of the Arts.

Anyone in the theater community can partake in the spirited celebration from light crews, grips, actors, performers, ticket booth workers and beyond. Those who are interested just have to register in advance to gain their spot.

“The arts have been sincerely missed in this city over the past year, and we are ecstatic to toast its return with our new beer,” said co-founder and director of partnerships & branding, Wayne Humphrey, in a statement. “We’re raising a glass to the talented Philadelphia arts community, as well as not only the return to arts – but the return to normalcy as we once knew it.”

The four-packs will include seasonal brews, a variety of limited editions and some summer-inspired creations. Cans include: the Bravado (5% ABV, a classic West Coast IPA brewed from pale wheat, toasted and crystal malts then hopped with Eureka, cascade, Dr. Rudi, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria and Azacca); Encore (5.5% ABV, an American Pale Ale generously hopped with Cascade Hops); and the Amante Del Luppolo (5% ABV, an Italian Pilsner crafted from Eraclea malt generously hopped with Saphir, Spalt Select and Nobility.)

To participate in the beer giveaway, those of legal age must register on My Local Brew Works’ website. Four-packs are allotted one per person, and masks are recommended for those who are not fully vaccinated, and proof of legal drinking age from a state issued I.D is also mandatory when picking up the four-packs.

My Local Brew Works Great Theater Beer Giveaway is in conjunction with Theater Philadelphia, which is the “ultimate guide to local live shows.” This is part of a new initiative to revive that part of the city. Over the course of the past 20 years, the number of those who call the Avenue of the Arts home has grown exponentially and in the Friends of the Avenue of the Arts group alone, there are about 2,500 members.


“We’re thrilled to have My Local Brew Works on the Avenue of the Arts heralding in a new season of live performance after such a long absence,” said Laura Burkhardt, executive director of the Avenue of the Arts in a statement. “The Wilma Theater the perfect place for all members of the theater community to pick up a free craft beer four-pack honoring their work and welcoming them back to theaters up and down the Avenue.”

For a full list of summer and fall programming at venues such as The Mann, The Wilma Theater, and so on, Philadelphians can look online. To stay up to date on My Local Brew Works’ pop-up information and grand opening announcements, visit or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.