Nat Geo names Philly as one of the best trips to take in 2020

National Geographic released its list of the best trips to take in 2020, and Philly is the only American City to get a spot in the coveted city category.

This year, National Geographic Traveler magazine’s focused on sustainable tourism, geographic and thematic diversity, community benefit, affordability, and value. The list has 25 must-see destinations on it, and the only American spots that made it onto the list were Philly and the Grand Canyon. 

The list is broken down into four general categories, and those are city, culture, nature, and adventure. Philly placed in the city category and the Grand Canyon placed in the adventure category. 

Jeff Guaracino, the Visit Philadelphia president and CEO, is honored by the feature and said in a press release that, “We’re thrilled that Philadelphia is featured so prominently and beautifully in this influential publication that we know drives travel decisions.”

Guaracino added that “In 2005, National Geographic Traveler called Philadelphia the ‘Next Great City’. It’s awesome to see that more than a decade later, they’re still enamored of and advocates for our historic, modern, and always-evolving town.” 

Out of every city in the world, you might be wondering why Philly? 

National Geographic Traveler Editor-in-Chief, George Stone has an answer for you and said in a press release that, “… Philadelphia is electric, eclectic, and entirely its own. It’s an American original in the midst of a creative-led revival. You can see this all over town in the places we write about.” 

Additionally Stone said that, “Philly is an infinitely rewarding place to wander, full of friendly locals (like actually friendly!), and it’s an emblem of what is to come when cities decide to celebrate their own unique identities and trust their own citizens to lead the way.”  

The article mentions the metalworks, mural, mosaics, light installation, art culture, and food culture. Some must-see spots mentioned include the Edgar Allen Poe House and Mutter museum. 

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Images are from “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S Best Trips 2020”m “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s Best


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