As National Hoagie Day approaches, which is Philadelphia’s favorite?

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As National Hoagie Day approaches, which hoagie is Philly’s favorite?

Philadelphia is one of the top food destinations in the nation, arguably the world. Specializing in all sorts of delicious dishes, from upscale dining to cheesesteaks to soft pretzels, water ice, and creative takes on food from around the world, Philly has it all.

But the versatile hoagie — a staple in the Philadelphia area dating back to the 1950s — is one of the most mouthwatering options the city has to offer.

The sandwich is so beloved that former Philadelphia mayor and governor Ed Rendell named it the official sandwich of Philadelphia. That’s right, the hoagie beat out both the cheesesteak and the roast pork as the city’s official sandwich.

National Hoagie Day

Whether you’re picking one up on your way to the shore or grabbing a primo before you head to the ballpark, hoagies remain one of the city’s signature foods.

This Sunday, May 5, marks National Hoagie Day. In honor of Philadelphia’s official sandwich, Metro wants to know — which hoagie is the best?

Beginning Thursday, May 2, Metro Philadelphia will be running a series of polls to help decide which hoagie is the favorite amongst Philadelphians.

Polls can be found on Twitter (@MetroPhilly) and on Metro Philly’s Facebook page.

One round will be run each day, and the winner will be crowned on the big day itself. Be sure to head to the polls (virtually) and put your stamp on naming Philadelphia’s favorite hoagie!