National Liberty Museum debuts new large-scale exhibition, ‘In Pursuit’

National Liberty Museum
Visual artist Arghavan Khosarvi’s “Dichotomy” is pictured.

A new multi-media exhibition is making its way to the National Liberty Museum this summer, and it will showcase the efforts of seven international artists displayed across three of the NLM’s four floors.

Titled ‘In Pursuit: Artists’ Perspectives on a Nation,’ the project is curated by the local artistic group Philadelphia Sculptors and will open to the public this weekend on May 10. And as a release notes, this new showcase serves as a form of civic dialogue, delving into the rich complexity of the American story while acknowledging the many perspectives and journeys that have shaped it.

National Liberty Museum
“This Is Not A Refuge” by Anila Quayyum AghaNATIONAL LIBERTY MUSEUM

“NLM looks forward to inspiring thoughtful conversations on the important issues highlighted by this exhibition,” said Dr. Alaine K. Arnott, CEO of NLM in a statement.  “Each exhibition NLM hosts brings together voices from varying perspectives, fostering a museum culture that values free thought, civic dialogue, and respect for all. In Pursuit offers a unique opportunity to explore liberty through the perspectives of seven internationally renowned artists and to witness art’s role in civil discourse.”

Locals will see the work of cross-disciplinary artist Anila Quayyum Agha, sculptor Angel Cabrales, multi-disciplinary artist Nicholas Galanin, visual artist Arghavan Khosarvi, social practice and fiber artist Arem Han Sifuentes, multi-disciplinary artist Artur Silva, and multi-media project-based artist Marisa Williamson through ‘In Pursuit.’

The idea was born from a visit in 2022, where Philadelphia Sculptors President Leslie Kaufman and Vice President Elaine Crivelli approached the museum after recognizing NLM’s potential as a partner for companion programming as well as being a venue that works to broaden and deepen artist’s work.

National Liberty Museum
All Threats Come in Weaves by Artur SilvaNATIONAL LIBERTY MUSEUM

“Our curatorial goal was to research and identify internationally recognized artists who could bring diverse cultural, ethnic, and geographic perspectives on America, whose artworks examine current social, cultural, and political issues and raise important questions,” said Crivelli in a statement. “NLM is a natural host for these installations and sculptures given its history of presenting thoughtful exhibitions that invite audiences to consider the various intersections of art and liberty.”

With ‘In Pursuit’, the narrative leads the experience with reflection, dialogue, catharsis and healing being the main focal points to act as a catalyst for positive change, as the museum says.

On top of the showcase, the National Liberty Museum will also present a series of in-person and virtual programs to accompany the showcase. Over the summer, locals can partake in performances, talks, artist-led community events, and panel discussions with historians and others in reference to ‘In Pursuit.’

As the release notes, the new exhibit is meant to act as a reflection on a nation that is continuously shaped and enriched by its people, inviting viewers to imagine a shared future that honors the sanctity of one and the dignity of all. The collection examines themes of justice, freedom, human rights, cultural identity and belonging, exploring and expanding on our understanding of America’s past and present.

To celebrate the opening, the National Liberty Museum will host a Community Open House on Saturday, May 11, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will feature pay-what-you-wish admission and will include creative activities for visitors of all ages. Following the exhibition opening, NLM is excited to introduce Pay-What-You-Wish Wednesdays beginning Wednesday, May 15 until Wednesday, July 31. NLM is open Thursday to Monday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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