NBA trade rumors: Klay Thompson to the Sixers a possibility

NBA trade rumors: Klay Thompson to the Sixers a possibility

The Warriors showed they are still the best team in the NBA as they flexed their muscles in a 135-114 blow out win against the upstart Sixers this weekend. They are runaway favorites to win another NBA title — but their future is murkey.

With recent max deals already to Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry and Draymond Green under contract for the next three seasons, Thompson will likely command a contract too high for Golden State to afford as the hard salary cap marker will force their hand. His deal is up next season, meaning that sometime over the next 18 months, someone in the Warriors front office will start thinking about the future of Thompson.

If they want to take advantage of the salary cap situation they have, the’ll need to deal one of their contracts to get a player back. If they simply let Thompson walk, they’ll be unable to sign a big-name free agent for any more than the mid-level exception.

All of this means that Thompson — who is shooting a career best 47.1 percent from three while averaging 21.1 points per game — will eventually be a very highly-touted trade candidate.

Speaking very complimentary about the Sixers last season, Thompson said he looked forward to seeing healthy Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons play together. Well, he’s seen it and his analysis is proving true.

“It’s a bright future in Philly,” he said.

With sharp-shooter J.J. Redick signed for just one year, the role of scoring wing could be available for the Sixers. Many outlets are already contemplating which veteran star the Sixers will be able to trade for or recruit to get to the next level. If the youngsters on the team — paired with an eventually healthy Markelle Fultz — continue to impress Philly could become a great destination for the league’s best players. They also would have plenty of salary cap flexibility for whatever deal Thompson desires.

Thompson would be the exact kind of player to take Philly over the top in the coming seasons.

It won’t happen soon, but it could happen. It’s never too early to imagine the potential line up: Markelle Fultz, Klay Thompson, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, Joel Embiid. That’s a title contender right there.

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