NBA trade rumors: Kyle Korver Sixers Raptors Celtics

Kyle Korver Sixers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are entering into a new era of basketball this upcoming season, after superstar forward LeBron James signed a four-year deal in free agency with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Without James on the team, Cleveland is not in tank mode yet as they still want to compete in a wide-open Eastern Conference.

However, that does not mean they aren’t open to trading some of the veterans still remaining on their roster.

One of the veterans that they are looking to move is three-point specialist Kyle Korver. According to Sam Amico of Amico Hoops, Korver is receiving interest from the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, and Toronto Raptors.

All three teams could use Korver as each of them has a shot to potentially to win the Eastern Conference this upcoming season. But there is a kicker to trading for him.

The Cavaliers are looking for a first-round pick in exchange for Korver and all three teams are reluctant to give that up Amico also mentions.

It is kind of shocking to see Cleveland ask for a first-round pick because even though Korver can shoot the ball exceedingly well, he is still 37 years old.

Also not to mention, Korver is owed $7.5 million in the 2018/19. It is hard to imagine any of these teams giving up a high pick, just to take on a contract of that magnitude this late into the offseason.

This past season with the Cavaliers, Korver averaged 9.2 points and shot an impressive 43.6 percent from three-point range off the bench.

Out of the three teams, however, the Sixers could definitely use Korver’s three-point shooting to pair with J.J. Redick.

At the start of free agency, Philadelphia lost Marco Belinelli to the San Antonio Spurs, who signed the veteran guard to a two-year, $12 million deal. Philadelphia still has not really replaced his production and a potential reunion with Korver could be in order.

Korver began his NBA career with the Sixers as they drafted him in the second round of the 2003 NBA Draft. In five seasons with Philadelphia, he averaged 10.5 points and shot 40.5 percent from three-point range.

If the Cavaliers’ price tag comes down for the 37-year-old Korver, do not be surprised to see him playing with the team that originally drafted him this upcoming season.