Neighborhood watch volunteer charged in Mayfair tire slashing spree

A man who led the volunteer effort to catch a serial tire slasher in Mayfair has been charged as the culprit, police said.

David Toledo, of the 4000 block of Aldine Street, is facing charges tonight of criminal mischief, theft, and false reporting. Police said he is responsible for at least 50 slashings in the neighborhood since November.

A series of slashings in the area led officials to offer a $7,500 reward for an arrest in the incidents. Several residents were reportedly victimized on multiple occasions and there was even talk of a vigilante group.

Police would not provide details on how the investigation narrowed in on Toledo, but said he had been involved in similar incidents before moving to the neighborhood.

“I will say that he does have a past history of these types of events happening in his life,” Capt. John McGinnis said.

While Toledo was not an official member of the Mayfair Town Watch, he did volunteer to help look out for the vandal, reports said.

He is the second person arrested for slashing tires in the Northeast. 20-year-old Quincy Kramer was apprehended and charged for an incident on Cottman Avenue in late March.