NFL rumors: Eagles offered second round pick for Nick Foles

NFL rumors: Eagles offered second round pick for Nick Foles

Would you take a second round pick for Nick Foles?

That’s apparently the question facing the Eagles, who reportedly were offered that deal this week by an AFC team.

Peter King was the first to float the news in his MMQB column, saying:

“The Eagles continue to be confident that Carson Wentz will be healthy enough after Dec. 13 knee surgery to play the Sept. 6 NFL opener, and have had at least one respectable (the word I hear to describe it) trade offer for Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles … The Eagles got first- and fourth-round picks for Sam Bradford 17 months ago and feel Foles is better, so it’ll likely take at least that to pique their interest, and that’s likely not happening.”

Chris Mortenson from ESPN also shared some insight, saying that the Eagles have a pretty high asking price for the Super Bowl MVP as set by a precident from a few seasons ago.

Which teams would trade a second rounder for Foles? Well it’s worth keeping in mind that different teams would value a 29-year-old former Pro Bowl and Super Bowl MVP quarterback differently. The Jets and Browns, AFC teams who need QB, are more likely to build through the draft. A team like the Broncos or Dolphins, they might be willing to pay a premium for a quarterback who can win now.

Which narrows the field a bit. It’s likely from a half-decent AFC squad that needs a starting quarterback. The timing, however, of all of this is suspect. With the future of Kirk Cousins — the best available quarterback on the open market (assuming Drew Brees returns to New Orleans) — unknown, it’s hard to see the quarterback situations this far ahead. Once he signs, there could be a flood of offers to the Eagles.

Whether they’ll entertain them, or whether teams will offer Philly’s asking price will be a naging question all winter and spring long.