Night Market kicks off May 11

Mama's Balls served up some hot dishes at last year's Night Market in Roxborough. | David Tavani for The Food Trust
David Tavani for The Food Trust

Seven years ago, The Food Trust created an event that would bring all of Philly’s communities together in order to celebrate one of our favorite things — food. Four area neighborhoods will host The Food Trust’s outdoor food truck festival this year, which kicks off Thursday, May 11, in Burholme, running from 6-10 p.m. at the intersection of Cottman Avenue and Rising Sun Avenue.

It continues each month through October (except for September) in the neighborhoods of Spruce Hill, Roxborough and the Italian Market.

During each Night Market, the streets will flood with music, drinks and your favorite classic food trucks and some you’ve maybe never heard of before.

“This year in particular, we’ll be highlighting a few of Philly’s immigrant communities and businesses at each Night Market,” Night Market planner extraordinaires Diana Minkus and Ian Moran tell Metro.

Night Market gives you and your friends the chance to celebrate the warmer weather with some delicious finger foods, however, there might be some delicious dishes that surprise you. “Night Market is all about showing people that festival food isn’t just chicken fingers and hot dogs, which are still delicious, but there’s actually quite a diversity of flavors and even healthy and fresh options.”

Night Market is in fact more than just a fun food festival; it’s a way to help support local food entrepreneurs as well as highlight new blossoming areas of our city. Founded over 20 years ago, The Food Trust wants to bring healthy change to the city, working to ensure that everyone has access to both healthy and affordable food sources. “Night Market also gives us an opportunity to work with vendors and talk about local sourcing, healthy options and the Healthy Food Truck Initiative where they can get healthy food certified,” Minkus and Moran say.

Whether you’re looking for something salty and greasy or light and fresh, Night Market’s plethora of food trucks are equipped to satisfy. Roam the streets of your Philly neighborhoods and find the best foods. With all the yummy options, just remember: Don’t fill up at the first food truck!

If you go:

Night Market Burholme
Thursday, May 11 6-10 p.m.
Cottman Avenue at Rising Sun Avenue