NoLibs Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge is back with more options in 2023

Northern Liberties Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge
El Camino

Another year, another way to enjoy a multitude of inventive breakfast cocktails through the Northern Liberties Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge.

This tasty activation is in full swing this weekend—after kicking off last—and Philadelphians have the chance to indulge Oct. 28 and 29. Fifteen spots are participating in 2023, and the offerings span pesto, plenty of bacon options, hot sauce and everything in between being thrown into the mix for the 4th go-around of this activation.

All participants have to do is try some libations from around the NoLibs area and judge in four categories— right spice, taste, “bling,” and halloween-i-ness, with an overall winner taking top honors.

And who will be participating this year?

Añejo Philadelphia is first up with their take on the popular drink with their “Pinche Chili Bloody Mary”, a special mix of three hot sauces and four peppers, bacon fat washed vodka, a bacon salt rim and a pepper, olive and shrimp garnish. Bar 1010, on the other hand, will be serving up the “Scary Mary” made with vodka, tomato juice, pizza sauce, Worcestershire, wasabi, horseradish, lime and salt for the NoLibs Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge.

Northern Liberties Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge
Anejo Philly

Philadelphians can also head to Bourbon & Branch and Cantina Dos Segundos for the occasion. The former will be offering the “From Dusk Til Dawn”, made with Teremana Resposado, roasted tomatoes, black pepper corn, mustard seed, coriander seed, pickled horseradish, Zayda’s spicy pickle juice, vampire-infused bitters and black salt (plus, the Bloody mix is vegan.) The latter will be offering their Classic Bloody Mary, aka the “Despierta a Los Muertos” (Wake the Dead) boasting a combination of citrus and smoke, with a spicy kick, topped with a medley of house-pickled veggies and more. This particular option is also vegan-friendly.

Additionally, Cantina will also be offering the Verde Bloody Mary Shot, or the “Para Morirse” (to die for). As Cantina says: “For those who like a challenge, we have a concoction that is not for the weak at heart.” This tomatillo, hot pepper and citrus infused mezcal shot will be available for purchase throughout the Challenge.

Other Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge contenders include El Camino, Figo Ristorante and Heritage. El Camino is offering the “Birria Bloody Mary”, a bloody Mary mix laced with birria consomme and topped with a birria taco, pickled jalapeños and carrots and a spicy tajin rim. Figo will be offering “Carrie’s Revenge”, which features basil-infused vodka, San Marzano tomato juice and hot Italian giardiniera served in a blood bag with a syringe. Heritage will offer the “Scary Good Classic Bloody Mary” on the other hand, which is lightly spiced with horseradish, salt, and pepper, topped with lemon, lime and olives.

Jerry’s Bar is offering up three different options for this annual activation, and it will allow diners to choose their own spice level. The “Satan” boasts jalapeno-infused bloody mary mix, Revivalist Dragon Dance and is garnished with bacon, celery, a pimento cheese stuffed jalapeno, pickles and a jalapeno salt rim. The “Lucifer” is made with serrano-infused bloody mary mix, vodka, garnished with bacon, celery, a pimento cheese stuffed serrano, pickles and a sriracha salt rim. And last but not least, the “Beelzebub” is made with habenero-infused Bloody Mary mix and garnished with bacon, celery, a pimento cheese stuffed habanero, pickles and a habanero salt rim.

Northern Liberties Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge
Jerry’s Bar

Other participants throwing their hat into the ring include North Bowl with their “Blood on the Rocks” option, which is made with black skull ice cubes and various tricks-and-treats. Then North Third will be offering “The Devil’s Hangover”, made with jalapeno-infused vodka, house bloody mary mix, a candied cayenne brown sugar bacon strip, pickled tomato, olives, celery and a cayenne pepper rim.

SET NoLibs will be offering the “Hail Maria” (Bloody Marie). As a release describes, this drink features Worcestershire sauce fused with the tang of fresh lemon and lime, plus a kick from Tabasco and horseradish, then garnished with pickled onions, celery and a pickle. Over in Spring Garden, Silk City on the other hand will offer the “Dead Eye”, made with Absolut Vodka, house bloody mary mix, mozzarella and black olive eyeballs, spiced bloody aioli and a black vodka float.

The last three participating in the NoLibs Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge are Standard Tap, The Abbaye and Urban Village Brewing Company.

Standard Tap’s “Smoke and Mirrors” features Vicio Mescal and smoked paprika, with green peppercorn brine, tomato juice and lime, while The Abbaye’s drink is titled “The Nightmare Before Christmas” made with house bloody mary mix with a black vodka float, and an old bay meringue ghost served with a surprise wrapped Christmas gift. Then finally, Urban Village’s “Blood Money” will be served with Money Light Pilsner, heirloom tomato bloody Mary mix made with capers, fresno chiles, pickled jalapeno peppers, fish sauce and champagne vinegar.

Northern Liberties Monster Mash Bloody Mary Challenge

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