‘Not my president’: Philly protesters express rage with Trump

The night after Donald Trump was elected president, several hundred protesters gathered outside City Hall to declare their outrage.

Confrontational picket signs carried by the protesters included messages such as, “Not my president,” “F— this!” and “Donald Trump is a b—-!”

The protest was organized byPhiladelphia Socialist Alternative, 15 Now Philadelphia, 15 Now Temple University and Movement for the 99%. Similar anti-Trump rallies took place in major cities around the nation.

Organizers called for the creation of a new political party focused on the interests of the working class.

“The Democratic Party has failed us,” community activist Sarah Giskin said in a news release.“We the 99% must come together to start a new political party to stop billionaires like Donald Trump and the policies destroying our communities.”

Organizers said Trump’s campaign was based on “racism, xenophobia, sexism, and anti-LGBTQ sentiments.” Meanwhile, they called Clinton a “Wall Street, Walmart, warmonger candidate,” and called for “working class politics” to “truly make America great.”

“It’s obvious that the neoliberal Democrats have failed to defend people of color, women, LGBTQ communities, the poor and working class,”organizer Kate Goodman said in a news release. “Democrats don’t or won’t fight for what matters.”

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