Now arriving: New music from Market East

Not everyone was happy last year when SEPTA announced that Market East Station would, after three decades, be known as Jefferson Station. It wasn’t quite as off-putting as “AT&T Station,” but it took some getting used to – and it set a dangerous precedent for a “Comcast Terminal.”

Market East the band, however, can see the silver lining.

“It’s a bit odd for us that they changed the name because we have nostalgic memories of that place,” says guitarist and vocalist Vincent John. “But, hey, now we’re not so clouded by its presence on the Internet,” he adds with a laugh.

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Nostalgic is a word that’s hard to avoid with Market East, a born-in-Philly three-piece that also includes members Kurt Cain-Walther and Max Perla. Released this fall, their latest EP has a certain innocence to its airy melodies, an undeniably youthful melancholy to its lilting and longing. With a nod to the ’60s, these are the types of songs that take you right back to your favorite summer, whether that summer was four months or 40 years ago.

Market East’s latest work together comes two-plus years after the release of their sophomore album, “Children of Summer.” That’s not to say, however, that we’ll have to wait as long to hear from them again.
“MarketEastis a special part of all of our lives, and we continue to do it when the feeling’s right,” says John. “Whenever we get together, it feels like home.”

Now hear this
Market East’s new 45″Orange & Me / Our Love Will Always Win” is available for preorder now at Or, listen digitally now on iTunes or Spotify.

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