Now there’s a Wawa credit card

Now there’s a Wawa credit card

Long known for the fanatical loyalty of their customers, the touch-screen computers for ordering hoagies and a unique employee-shareholder structure, Wawa is continuing to step its game up just weeks after opening its new Philly flagship location with a new Wawa credit card.

In fact, the idea came from its customers, said Bill O’Donnell, Wawa’s retail fuel director.

“Customers have called in and said there are other companies that offer discounts like this. It bothered them that they thought they could get a better deal somewhere else,” he said.

“This was something we really evaluated over some period of time, and said this is something that would be able to offer savings for customers that want to shop at Wawa.”

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The new Wawa credit card is only for purchases at Wawas, and gives customers a five-cent refund on every gallon of gas they buy at Wawa gas stations, up to 100 gallons a month. If you sign up for the card before the end of 2015, Wawa said you will get 25 cents back per gallon for the first 60 days you have the card.

“People are very price sensitive in the world of fuel,” O’Donnell said. “People want to pay as little for gas as possible.”

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The credit card project was vetted for about a year before launching, with Citi as the bank providing card services.

No word yet on what other types of discounts cardholders might see other than cash back at the pump, but O’Donnell was confident that there will be more benefits to expect from the Wawa card down the road.

“We intend to continue to surprise and delight,” O’Donnell said. “We have full expectations that we’ll be able to provide some of the same excitement further down the line.”

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