Obama streaker misses out on jail — and his $1M

After being sentenced to two years probation on Friday, Juan Rodriguez was upset. The sentence didn’t bother him since he readily admits he streaked President Obama’s “Move America Forward” in Germantown on Oct. 11.

The 24-year-old father of three was stewing because he thought billionaire Alki David, who offered $1 million on BattleCam.com to anyone who streaked within eyeshot and earshot of Obama, “used every excuse not to pay.”

“I fulfilled everything he asked for. [Not getting the prize] makes this all worse. He’s defamed my character,” Rodriguez said. “Don’t put something out there if you don’t plan on honoring it. He changed the rules, and that shows his character is of low quality.”

Asked for a response via e-mail an hour later, David wrote, “That’s funny. I’m surprised Juan said that. I paid him $130,000. Not bad for completing three out of five tasks in the challenge. Good thing I prepaid his rent, too.”

Rodriguez’s attorney William Brennan was happy the “fairly responsible guy most of the time” only got probation, but noted that those who make similar offers online should “look at the possible effects, because someone out there is going to accept it.”

Assistant District Attorney Brandyn Hicks, who sought three to 23 months of incarceration, was more worried that Rodriguez ran naked amid unsuspecting adults and children.

“This was a crime against the Commonwealth, not against the president,” she said. “With the heightened sense of security, armed officers and Secret Service agents all around, who knows what could’ve happened?”

Short trial

Municipal Court Judge Lydia Kirkland sentenced Rodriguez after a 25-minute “stipulated trial” without a jury. His 24-month probation stint for disorderly conduct, general lewdness and indecent exposure should be transferred to Richmond County, N.Y., where he lives.