Ohio Governor Kasich hosts town hall at Villanova University

Ohio Governor Kasich hosts town hall at Villanova University
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Villanova University welcomed presidential candidate John Kasich Wednesday just hours after the Ohio governor snagged his first primary election win.

Kasich held a town hall meeting at the university following an invitation from the school’s Student Government Association, according to 6ABC Philadelphia. The night before Kasich beat all otherRepublican candidates in his home time — allowing him to continue in the presidential race.

During the town hall, Kasich said he is strongly anti-abortion and against medical marijuana and when question about tackling ISIS, he said America would have to take care of the issue, 6ABC reported.

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“We’re going to have to be in the air, and then we’re going to have to be on the ground, and Americans are going to have to be there. You know why? Because nobody else is going to do this,” Kasich said, according to 6ABC.

The governor also criticized candidate Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim individuals from coming into the country, Philly Voice reported.

Kasich also criticized the American government saying that it is “stuck,” according to Philly Voice.

Other topics at the town hall meeting surrounded transportation, energy, and creating outreach to minorities.

Although the Ohio governor won in his home state, 6ABC said, it is difficult for Kasich to win a majority of delegates before the national GOP convention this July.

Trump led the way through his win in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois, Philly Voice reported.

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