One of acquitted narco cops to be fired again

Jennifer Kerrigan

He escaped a federal indictment unscathed, but a positive test for marijuana means one of the acquitted former narcotics officers will be re-fired from the police force.

Perry Betts, one of six former narcotics officers acquitted in May of various corruptioncharges including allegedly beating and robbing drug dealers, will be suspended with intent to dismiss on Monday, the Daily News reported.

An arbitrator ordered Betts and former codefendantsMichael Spicer, Brian Reynolds, John Speiser, Linwood Normanand Thomas Liciardello rehired to new assignments withthe police departmentwith$90,000 in back-payafter their acquittal.

But Betts’ drug test means he will now be re-fired.

The Fraternal Order of Police doesn’t intend to fight the termination, the Daily News said.

Betts and four other defendants named in a letter by D.A. Seth Williams to police commissioner Charles Ramsey saying he wouldn’t rely on their testimonyare parties to a pending lawsuit against Williams, Ramsey andthe city.

Linwood Norman was not named in that letter and is not party to the lawsuit.

The seventh member of the narcotics unit,Jeffrey Walker, who testified for the federal government in the case,was sentenced to three-and-a-half years for the crimes he admitted to participating in during his testimony.

He received a lenient sentence due to his cooperation with the prosecution, even though he didn’t get any convictions.

Despite the acquittal, hundreds of civil lawsuits were filed against the city related to the alleged conduct of the indicted officers. Those suits are still pending.

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