Pa. man tells police Bigfoot threw rocks, smashed windows of his Winnebago motor home

A Dauphin County man told police early Friday morning that his 1973 Dodge Winnebago motor home was damaged after a sasquatch threw rocks at it.

John Reed, 39, of Lykens, Pa., called state police shortly after midnight and told them that between Sept. 15 and Oct. 8., the windows and taillights of his RV were smashed. “Prior to these incidents, the victim related that he saw a bigfoot in the area of his Motor [sic] home,” a state police public information release obtained by The Smoking Gun stated. “The actor is described as very large, brown in color and walks somewhat hunched over.”

Officers apparently concluded that the creature committed the alleged vandalism in order to preserve its anonymity. “After seeing the aforementioned actor the victim turned on the outside light to his motor home, and upon doing so the actor began throwing rocks at the light to prevent discovery,” the release continued. “The victim was unable to describe whether the actor was hairy.”

Coincidentally enough, Reed uses the Winnebago, which he calls “the dog house,” as the headquarters of a local Bigfoot search club called the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters.

“We study more than hunt,” reads the group’s’ Facebook page, which has nearly 600 members. “We get out in the field every day … And spend most weekends in the mountains of PA .. Searching for evidence for si[gn]s searching for squatch …”

Reed, in one comment to a member, identified himself as a longtime sasquatch seeker, claiming he had his first bigfoot encounter when he was 10 or 11 years old.

As head of the group, Reed also shared some unconventional wisdom advising members how to handle the creatures, from attracting them with peanut butter and bananas to using the females’ “big ole lady boobs” to their disadvantage in the event of a chase.

He first posted on the site about a possible stone-wielding sasquatch targeting his motor home, or “base camp,'” on Sept. 8.

The activity apparently escalated, per a follow-up three days later.

Reed wrote that others on his team had similar experiences at the camp.

He reported the most damaging rash of incidents on Sept. 29, though it is unclear if those are the events he described to police.

The activity apparently intensified in the days leading up to Reed’s contact with authorities, as one team member wrote that he heard something walking around the mobile home and Reed replied on Oct. 4 that he saw the glow of light reflected in a creatures’ eyes near the trailer.

No arrests have yet been made in the vandalisms.