PAINT Philadelphia is offering one local family free services

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There’s a local company looking to do some good in the City of Brotherly Love. PAINT Philadelphia is going to help out a family in need of a free exterior or interior paint job through PAINT It Forward, a local community charity program. 

The program was founded by Andrew Tomasetti, and the 27-year-old founder (who also is a Temple grad) grew up close by in Holland, Bucks County. Tomasetti also is a veteran (he served 7 years in the Marine Corps Reserve) and he launched Paint Philadelphia in 2020 at the height of COVID, and the success of the company provoked him to give back to the community.

“PAINT It Forward is an amazing program that lets us offer our services to a family that needs painting services but may not have the means to do so. The best part is it was our team’s idea,” explained Tomasetti in a statement. “We started our business during a very unstable time and our team felt compelled to give back to our community that gave us so much.” 

This isn’t the first go-around for the company either. Last year, Paint Philadelphia donated its services to a single mom and her nine-year-old daughter, who is a three-time cancer survivor, the release states. Tomasetti’s team painted the entire interior of their Hatboro home to help out the family. The release also noted that the average cost of a professional home painting project ranges from $5,000 to $7,000, however, the PAINT team donated their time, and vendors donated all of the materials.

Paint Philadelphia
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In 2024 however, if the recipient instead opts for an interior paint job, they will get the help of designer Rachel Zimmerman of InLiquid to help select paint colors and add a few pieces of art to go in the home.

“Getting the color right the first time is one of the most important parts of any painting project, it doesn’t matter how great of a job our team does if the color is not exactly what the homeowner envisioned,” he added.

To nominate a deserving person who has painting needs, Philadelphians can send a brief description of why you believe they should be nominated and how Paint Philadelphia can help to: The deadline is Feb. 29, and anyone interested should note that all submissions will be kept confidential. The winner will be announced in March.

“We want to make the world a more beautiful place one paint job at a time,” said Tomasetti in a statement. “For us, this means going beyond just offering a fantastic experience for our team members and customers, but really asking ourselves what have we done to leave a positive mark on the communities we serve and to help others achieve their American Dream. This is one way we can do so, and we gain an incredible amount of joy by doing it.” 

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