Paramedic’s Instagram photo causes uproar in Police Department

Paramedic’s Instagram photo causes uproar in Police Department

An photo found on the Instagram feed of a Philadelphia Fire Department paramedic, showing two black men pointing guns at a white Philadelphia Police Officer’s head, has caused an uproar throughout the city’s police department, according to FOX 29.

The paramedic, Marcell Salters, works for Medic 23, which is housed in the police department’s 19th District in Southwest Philadelphia.

The photo caption reads: “Our real enemy. Need 2 stop pointing guns at each other and at the ones that’s legally killing innocents.”

He followed with another post that read: “”There are numerous crooked and corrupted cops (mostly white) & mostly they harass, beat or kill innocents(mostly blacks).”

Shortly after FOX picked up his posts, Salters offered a mea culpa on his Facebook page: “That post was out of anger of what is going on around the world (Mike Brown, Eric Garner & etc.) & past experiences that I’ve had with police. My intention was not to slander or hurt anyone or my brothers in blue. Again I am sorry.”

A Philadelphia Police officer, who aksed not to be identified, told Metro: “This is what we deal with.”

“Now he’ll get in trouble,” the officer said, “but not like a cop would.”

Mark McDonald, spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter, said the Mayor’s office has opened an investigation.

“We’ve asked the Fire Department to examine this issue,” McDonald said. “We will be issuing a statement on it this afternoon.”

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