Passion, LFL heating up newsstands this month

The Passion always puts its best face forward on the field. Now, you can check it out on newsstands.

In an effort to boost awareness for the Lingerie Football League, LFL teamed up with Playboy on a jaw-dropping, eight-page nude pictorial. Ten players are featured, including the Passion’s Tanyka Renee. The magazine hit newsstands Friday.

“I can say I officially shot for Playboy,” Renee said. “It only gets better from here.”

Renee spent a week at the Playboy Mansion during the shoot, and met Hugh Hefner and his “lovely fiancee” Crystal Harris.

“I woke up to gourmet chefs … my bed was made, my room was clean every morning,” Renee said.

Renee, who always dreamed of posing for Playboy, started modeling at age 13. Still, she considers herself an athlete first.

“I live, eat, breathe football,” she said.

The LFL, which started in 2004, has 10 teams in 10 cities and plans to add three new U.S. franchises (Cleveland, Las Vegas, Nashville) while exploring international opportunities.

For those not familiar with the LFL’s unique brand of football, it’s intense. Yes, girls wear sexy lingerie, but they hit like they mean it.

“We’re playing real football, better than the NFL,” Renee said. “We use less padding, hit just as hard — everyone should tune into MTV2 [which broadcasts all LFL games live].”

New York state of mind

Tanyka Renee insists her favorite team is the Eagles. However, the Jets are a close second and her pick to win it all.

Renee is close friends with Jets star CB Darrelle Revis. The two met last year, when Renee was living in New York City and playing for the LFL’s New York Majesty. She also hangs with Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

“They see us LFL girls as their little sisters,” Renee said.

Although Renee plays offensive line/defensive end for the Passion, her favorite position is cornerback. So, any tips from Revis Island?

“He always tells me, ‘Go out there and be confident.’”