Pennsylvania Governor vetoes GOP budget proposal

Tom Wolf
Getty Images

Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed the $30.2 billion, no new taxes spending plan that the GOP’s huge majorities in the state Legislature sent to him hours before the state governments fiscal year came to a close, the APreports.

The bill, which included a legislation to end defined-budget pensions for most future state and public school workers and disband the state system of wine and liquor sales, passed the Senate 29-20 on Tuesday and the House 106-89, on Saturday.

Gov. Wolf vetoed the entire budget proposal for the first time in his more than five months in office and marked the first time a full budget bill in Pennsylvania has been vetoed in more than four decades.

The budget bill would not raise taxes but would rely heavily upon the revenue from the liqour plan. Gov. Wolf said he would study the companion bills on liqour sales and pensions and plans to respond to the GOP today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports,

The Governor’s decision to veto has paved the way for a partial governement shutdown.

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