How to find your perfect match online this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day perfect match
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By Dmitry Belyaev, MWN

Valentine’s Day is finally here and Metro wants to help spread the love.

We recently spoke to Gary Gunn—a dating and self-confidence coach and mentor—to learn more about the industry and how to find love on the internet.

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How did online dating evolve over the last few years?

There are now more niched dating sites available, which should have the effect of making it easier to meet a partner. However, what this has done instead is make online daters use two or three dating apps at a time or move from one to another in the hope of meeting someone new. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many more people dated online, which made it more acceptable to just chat as opposed to meeting in person. Nowadays, setting up a face-to-face date from an online dating app is more complicated.

Is it possible to find your perfect match online?

Of course, this is possible. Although, online dating should be supplementary to living a lifestyle where you are meeting and engaging with members of the opposite sex with shared interests and also long-term compatibility.

What tips could you give to readers to get a date online?

Use five images—an action shot of you doing something that you love to do; a leading shot is where you are in charge or leading a group of people; a social shot where you are out socializing with groups of people; a traveling shot shows that you are open-minded and adventurous; and a nice headshot of you, if you get one with a blurred background helps with initial first impressions. This is all detailed in my new book: “​​An Education in Dating Apps: How to get more matches, more messages and more dates.” 

How do you avoid romance scams online? What about fake profiles?

Fake profiles tend to not have a wide variety of photos. They also hardly ever take the time to fill out their bio or the dating app questions. Make sure that there is a congruency to their profile, otherwise just move on and do not waste your time. Also, always use paid dating apps or websites because people who pay money are more invested in meeting someone.

 Is online dating better/easier than finding a connection in real life?

Real life is easier and better. You just need to learn how to overcome your fear of rejection and embarrassment. My most popular training course is taking men out into the real world and educating them on the signs that women give when they are attracted to you and want you to initiate a conversation. Once you know the signs, you can then meet women during your day-to-day life and save yourself thousands of hours wasted on dating apps.