Philadelphia Eagles rumors: DeSean Jackson would return, Josh Gordon on radar

Philadelphia Eagles rumors: DeSean Jackson would return, Josh Gordon on radar
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Chip Kelly is gone. The coast is clear.

At least that’s the thinking of former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson — who prepares for his former team to travel to Washington for a Week 6 battle.

“I never really had hard feelings toward Philadelphia, besides being released by whoever released me,” Jackson told the media this week. “That’s different — but I guess he’s not there anymore.”

The wideout left under ugly circumstances, amid accusations of racism, gang affiliation and against the wishes of many Eagles fans. Jackson had his best years in Philadelphia, and though he will be 30 years old when he becomes a free agent next offseason, he’d be a valuable addition to a young and so far mediocre receiving core.

Would he return?

“Being a contract year — next year I’ll be a free agent — you never know how things will turn out, but whoever calls, I definitely think I’ll be blessed to be wherever it is,” Jackson said. “Hopefully it will still be here in Washington and not have to really worry about that, but you never know how this industry, how this business turns out, so you keep your options open, playing it smart, doing what you need to do to keep a job in the NFL.”

The Eagles need to shore up at the receiver position. It’s become a position arguably as important as quarterback in the NFLand the team needs weapons for rookie sensation Carson Wentz. Suspended and released receiver Josh Gordon falls into the Dorial Green-Beckham category — and his raw talent makes him a desirable athlete on any offense. Assuming the troubled pass-catcher can turn things around in rehab.

Once reinstated, Gordon’s availability might be worth a chance. The Eagles seem to have a grounded approach to young players with Brian Dawkins on staff and Doug Pederson approaching the locker room as a player’s coach willing to grant second chances. It’s a good match, but whether it’s in the realm of possibility will be determined.